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2016-11-02 20:29:23 by jessepajamas

I have been commissioned by several indie developers to compose, produce and in some cases record original music in various styles. My experience extends to both animaton, and game.


Styx by Big Red Planet
Menu Theme, Level BG Music

Sealife Scramble by Big Red Planet
Menu Theme, Level BG Music

Bongo Bounce
Menu Themes. Level BG, Stage Victory


3 Frog Bros (Season 1) by Frog Toons
Theme Song, Transitions, Film Score

The entire timeline of my digital music career has mostly been preserved here on this newgrounds account. I now work as a professional IT in the real world and do not make much music anymore, but may be willing to work on a project if contacted.

trying new stuff

2013-11-13 05:23:54 by jessepajamas

I wanna make sure i don't suck at techno/electronic music. Soooo imma do that for awhile. I'll go back to rock later.

College Film Scores

2013-02-16 23:54:12 by jessepajamas

I did the music work for a few college films (although of COURSE the film editors felt the need to personally move and "redesign" the score a little bit themselves). One was a live action film that used a very simple and subtle score of just guitar and piano (all midi of course) while the 3d animation used more of a full band set of instruments. In my opinion they both turned out okay, but there is always room for improvement. My goal is to improve myself, to continue to research and learn but also to gain more experience in the field by applying to more projects. I will be looking for more opportunity in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase what I have learned but also to help me improve.

Hey guys. It's no myth that i'm in Sonic Paradox. I've done music for the 2011 Holiday Hits, and have helped out in a few animations with custom music. Now, I and two other Sonic Paradox musicians have joined together to form an amazing project, SONIC SHORTS!!! Wait, what? That already exists? Oh! You must be refering to the animated Sonic Shorts! The shorts I'm talking about are all audio; remixes of classic Sonic tunes all done by different artists and grouped together in a showcase just like the animated counterpart.

Sounds confusing? Let me simplify it for you. We're going to be collaborating with several artists, all dishing in their own talent and style to create short remixes, each ranging from about a half a minute to about two minutes at max. The concept sounds the same as the animated shorts right? That's the idea! This time though it's for the backseat guys, the ones providing the audio halves of great videos, the overlooked ones, the unknowns. Time to step out under the shadows and show the community that audio is just as strong as visual, that we too can wet panties, but by the raw impenetrable sound of AWESOME.

The Sonic Paradox Team's Sonic Shorts: Remix Roundup Volume 1
or just
Remix Shorts


Major Projects

2012-03-27 19:51:06 by jessepajamas

Hey guys, whats up? I've been very busy with real life things, but that's what happens when you get older. I'm in my twenties now and life isn't going as well as I thought it would be when I was still in my teens. Regardless, I'm still doing audio work for the few people that need it, and while there are much better composers and voice actors on the net here, I still feel that I have a place somewhere among the superior. :]

I am lucky enough to finally get my big break that so many composers are looking for, and they are two very special projects that I could not be more proud to be apart of. One is in the animation field, and the other in the gaming field.

The first is with 792ashman, an animator that is somewhat apart of The Sonic Paradox Team. He's immensely talented, and a super nice guy. The past few months have just been us throwing Ideas around with each other, but now we're finally getting off our asses to release some sweet animations for you guys. The first is called Sonic Rings, which features all audio 100% by me, and animaton 100% by him. There will be many more videos just like it in the future.

The second is with supersonic68 on YouTube. He is one of the many programmers that is using the Sonic GDK engine to make fangames. He's most famous for his creation of Sonic Dimensions. He, along with a few other programmers are creating a new experience said to be plenty of times better than Dimensions, and will feature better physics, better levels and in game cut scenes! I have created the first level's music, Green Hill Paradise, and I'll be returning for not only every level, but musical scores in cutscenes as well. To say the least I am very excited to be apart of this project and couldn't be luckier.

That's all the big new I have for everyone. In addition, my best friend and girlfriend TrickyWolfy joined newgrounds and began posting her remixes of Sonic and other various songs. We're inviting all of our friends on over to Newgrounds so we can be involved with one another a little more on everything that we do. Our diversity in talents can be grouped here in a way that can't be done on YouTube or Deviant Art, so we are very excited for that.

Anyway, have a great 2012 guys, and I hope to hear from you all soon!


2011-03-05 17:36:47 by jessepajamas

From: Acoustica Dan
To: tsunalight
Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:29 am
Subject: Remixing Dan

Your remix is fantastic, I'm very impressed. Is it all done using Mixcraft's included sounds? Or did you use 3rd party effects/instruments?

Thanks, Dan

So i make a remix of the message at the end of unregistered mixcraft, and the PROGRAMMER sends me an email saying he likes it?

Wasn't expecting that.


2010-12-18 05:53:44 by jessepajamas

I may be doing music for some upcoming iPhone apps, which is pretty exciting. The same can be said about the Google Chrome Web Store, and of course Newgrounds. A developer I am just starting to work with has a broad range of platforms he can develop for, meaning my music will be spread onto various markets.

On that note, i find that facebook may be one of the best places to advertise my music. Around 160 million people are on facebook every day, and setting up facebook ads is very simple and well worth the money spent. It is a bit pricey, but you have to come to expect that. I ran a test ad for 24 hours and spent 50 bucks on it. I estimated half the people who click the ad will like the page so i bid 50 cents per each click, meaning 100 total possible likes. Apparently, 75 percent of people clicked like and i got 77 likes out of a total 100, and that's just for one day. If i ran for 10 days, i could get 700 likes, and when someone clicks like, a friend of theirs may see it on their wall and check it out as well. 1,000 likes is my goal since many renowned music artists on newgrounds only have around 200 follows on their facebook pages. Not to mention, number of likes really does make a business look better for developers looking for the best music.

My Facebook Page!


2010-12-06 22:59:59 by jessepajamas

The year has almost come to an end and i can't help but feel i could have done so much more in music than what i have. I could have gotten front page on newgrounds, or impressed a famous composer, gotten more gigs for flash shows or games but nope. And now, i've finally completed the OST to 3 Frog Bros, and i only have one track left for S.C.A.R. ..Really, those were for my friends' works, not someone who liked my stuff and actually wanted music from me.

I'm not sure what i am supposed to do next, i mean, yes i am going to score all of the upcoming 3 Frog Bros holiday specials, but that's it. Mr Irategamer hasn't had any work for me, and well, no one has come to me and has asked for music and i can't blame them. There are far more talented people than me on newgrounds and it may take me a very long time before i am noticed, but thats music for ya, patience.

All i can ask people is, please, help me become a better musician. Theres two types of people that can do this, 1, other musicians. They can teach me to do things to better my music. 2, animators. More work means more experience, and more opportunities to learn from my mistakes and better myself.

Projects i am interested in:

Flash Games. RPG, Stage by Stage, etc

Flash Cartoon Series: OST work, Scoring

Flash Cartoons (one time things): Scoring

And i am mildly decent at voice acting.


2010-12-02 05:26:56 by jessepajamas

The main problem with music artists is that they are souly based on fame. Yes, it is a profession in media and such a profession has a required level of renoun but, really, am i the only one that wants to learn more about what i do? Hard to believe with my crap songs i have uploaded on this site, i am the most advanced person in my song writing course at college, and time upon time i offer my advice and talents to help others and time and time again they refuse with a sense of being offended. What is it thats so personal about people with what they do? Who knows. Maybe i'm one of few people that actually likes the idea of collaberations. Actually, no, i'm wrong. People do want to collab, but only with people better than they are. Like me for example, i could send a message to blarsa and have it completely ignored, but say i was David Orr, he'd be there to respond in a second. Hey it's not fair but that's how the world works right?

long break

2010-11-04 05:59:40 by jessepajamas

Due to a massive drop in confidence and belief in myself, i am going to be taking a very long break at song writing. I feel far too amateur compared to all of the geniuses out there that can work programs like FL Studio.

Sorry for the emo-ness but i think i'm gonna take it easy for awhile.

I'll still make stuff for School, since i kind of have to in order to pass, but thats about it.