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Park Av Fucking SUCKS Heavy Metal Song
Aqua Fucking Road God Dammit Heavy Metal Song
Aqua Road (Arranged) Video Game Loop
ZXDX Time Trials Instrumental Video Game Song
120 bpm action Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

Cornsong.mp3 Dance Song
Monkey Jungle Island Video Game Loop
Monkey Drop 3 Video Game Loop
Monkey Drop 2 Video Game Loop
Monkey Drop 1 Video Game Loop
Sonic Runners + VOCALS Video Game Song
Sonic 2 Credits Rock Version Punk Song
LastTowers - Battle Video Game Loop
Danza del Sol Techno Song
No Don't! Techno Song
At Dawn & Ice Cap Acoustic Classical Song
LastTowers - Great Job! Video Game Loop
Sealife Scramble 5 Short Video Game Loop
Ruins Sealife Level 3 Video Game Loop
Future Trunks Dance Remix House Song
idk lol whatever House Song
SS3 Teen Gohan Remix Drum N Bass Song
Caverns Sealife Level 2 Video Game Loop
Sealife Scramble Title Video Game Loop
Sealife Scramble In-Game Video Game Loop
Scarlet Red Roses (Cover) General Rock Song
I am WIP Video Game Song
Basic Menu Loop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Stix the Game - Living Room Th Video Game Loop
Stix the Game - Medieval Theme Video Game Loop
Stix the Game - Egypt Theme Video Game Loop
Aww Yeah Yehyehyeh Dance Song
Club Felatio House Song
Bloody Love Techno Song
Get on the Dance Floor House Song
The Mosy Annoiyng Song Evur Dance Loop
KH Halloween Town Remix Video Game Song
Blue Resort Remix Video Game Song
Hollow Bastion Idea Video Game Loop
KH Blast Away Remix Video Game Song
KH London Remix Video Game Song
Frozen Factory Remix Video Game Song
Extras Menu Remix Video Game Song
Aquatic Mine Remix Video Game Song
Calm Bingo Highway Video Game Song
Gumball Piano Rock Classical Song
Grand Metropolis Remix Video Game Song
rooftop run remix Video Game Song
at dawn & ice cap mashup/remix Video Game Song
Short RFTS Remix Video Game Song
Pallet Town Sax Mix Jazz Song
Spanish Fingerpicking Classical Song
Song of Healing WIP Video Game Song
My Brand BGM Classical Song
Ilia's Island Cruise Video Game Song
Tropical Island Beach Ambient Loop
HHH2 Genesis Instrumental Video Game Song
Cave of Diamonds Video Game Loop
Flying Batteries... Wha? Dubstep Song
Super Scar Level 4 Remix Dubstep Song
Sonic 2- Final Boss Piano Video Game Song
wtf am i doing Dubstep Loop
Run Fast Through Ice Cave Video Game Loop
Wave Ocean Acoustic Classical Song
Endless Mine Remix Ambient Loop
Falling from Space Video Game Song
Green Hill Paradise Video Game Loop
Pyramid Cave Remix Techno Song
Seaside Plaza Miscellaneous Song

2011 Submissions

Theme of Roshan Miscellaneous Song
Emerald Hill Acoustic Classical Song
Bridge Zone Acoustic Classical Song
Acoustic - FF7 Main Theme Classical Song
Splash Hill Acoustic Classical Song
Endless Possibilities Acoustic Classical Song
Wave Inlet Dance Song
ZXDX Race 2 Win General Rock Song
M&S Skit Vacation in Europe Comedy Song
Anime Girls Have Pink Hair lol Techno Song
Acoustic Version - Dream oaA Classical Song
Chemical Plant Porno Groove Miscellaneous Song
Zoey General Rock Song
Unleashed Acoustic Classical Song
Song of Time Acoustic Classical Song
Sonic's World Classical Loop
Aquatic Ruin Rock Classic Rock Song
Aquatic Ruin Acoustic Classical Song
ZXDX Race to Win Cover General Rock Song
ZXDX Sonic Boom Cover Classic Rock Song
Lava Reef Act 2 Acoustic Classical Song
Endless Mine Acoustic Classical Song
Emerald Hill (2P) Acoustic Classical Song
Marble Zone Acoustic Classical Song
Guess What I Did Today? General Rock Song
Follow Me Acoustic Classical Song
Green Hill 20th Aniv. of Sonic Miscellaneous Song
Twinkle Dinkle Heavy Metal Song
Super/Invincible Sonic Classical Song
Colors Orchestrated Classical Song
The Man of Steel Classical Song
Egg Dealer Classic Rock Song
Nyan General Rock Loop
ZXDX - Free Classical Song
ZXDX - Reach For the Stars Video Game Song
Hmmmmmm >.> Heavy Metal Loop
Wip Banjo Live & Learn Bluegrass Song
Complete Blackness Heavy Metal Song
S.C.A.R. Level 7 Video Game Loop
Escape from the MIDI Drum N Bass Song
Electronic Grand Metropolis Dance Loop
Twinkle Park 2 Part Remix World Song
(Scrapped) Twinkle Park ReMiX Techno Song
Yellow Show Studio Music Classical Song
Sonic Hip Hop + Orchestra WIP Hip Hop - Modern Song
Link is Awake Classical Loop
Mabe Village Classical Loop
Link's Awakening Classical Loop

2010 Submissions

Rose Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Rose's Theme Drum N Bass Song
Zerobadniks Video Opener Heavy Metal Song
Blue (just Orchestra Part) Classical Song
Mummy Kill Heavy Metal Song
Werewolf Kill Heavy Metal Song
3 Frog Bros (Rock) Heavy Metal Song
3 Frog Bros (Banjo) Bluegrass Song
Running Through Space Techno Song
Sonic's Space Jog Dance Song
S.C.A.R. Game Over Video Game Song
S.C.A.R. Stage Victory Video Game Song
S.C.A.R. Inivinicibility Video Game Song
Final Score Video Game Song
Vampire Kill Heavy Metal Song
Josh Ellis - Arpeggio Thi Video Game Song
Scar Level 6 Video Game Loop
ahyuckyuckyuck Classical Song
Scar Level 5 Video Game Loop
Film Score - Halloween Special Bluegrass Song
Inside Norms Spaceship Ambient Song
(RicePirate) Pokemon Theme Instrumental Heavy Metal Song
Z X DX - German Mario (Cover) Pop Song
Z X DX /// Dragon Soul (Cover) Heavy Metal Song
Sonic makes a Redub Voice Demo Loop
Irate Gamer Video Game Song
DOOM'd to be MIDI Heavy Metal Song
Reach for the Stars (Cover) Heavy Metal Song
Yellow Teaches Sheldon Heavy Metal Song
Froggy School Time Bluegrass Song
Scar Title Screen Video Game Song
Android Factory Heavy Metal Song
Super Scar Level 4 Video Game Loop
Spin on the Egg o Wheel! Classical Song
We Are Camping Together Bluegrass Song
Scar Level 3 Video Game Loop
Scar Level 2 Video Game Loop
Villain Table Bluegrass Song
Silly Moment Bluegrass Song
Fight Seriously, Guys! Bluegrass Song
Green Loses His Swimsuit Bluegrass Song
Green Plays the Skin Flute Bluegrass Song
Green Picks Out A Game Bluegrass Song
Casual Bongos Bluegrass Song
Intense Checkers Bluegrass Song
Scar Level 1 Video Game Loop
Shopping Music Bluegrass Song
Discover Their Parents' Graves Bluegrass Song
At Last the Spell is Broken Bluegrass Song
3 Frog Bros - Officer Nodik Bluegrass Song
3 Frog Bros - Kitchen Theme Bluegrass Song
3 Frog Bros Theme (Movie 2) Bluegrass Song
3 Frog Bros - Tragic Past Bluegrass Song
3FB Close Call on a Calm Drive Classic Rock Song
3 Frog Bros - Red is Alive Bluegrass Song
Race 1202 Instrumental General Rock Song
3 Frog Bros - Green's Fight Bluegrass Song
3 Frog Bros - Speedyshoe Bluegrass Song
Blood Rave Techno (MIDI) Trance Song
Supersonic Hero (midi) Video Game Song
Metallic Techno Techno Song
Electric RKS Techno Trance Song
Hot Rod Chick Magnet Video Game Song
Game No Good Video Game Song
Poké Ellis (MIDI Guitar Solo) General Rock Song
Crush Flashback 3Frog Bros RAW Voice Demo Song
RKS Dark Techno Techno Song
Awesome Kickass Video Game Loop
Song 2 (Arranged) Classical Song